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How's my art?

2010-02-22 15:30:38 by Dalenbourg

I know what I have posted here right now isn't amazing or anything, but how bad is it really? The one piece anyone has even considered rating is sitting at 1.88, which is pathetic.
I'm still going to make stuff, it's just a little disheartening to see your work butchered without reason.


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2010-02-22 15:46:17

your art is alright, but it lacks a WOW factor, and no I don't mean that damn game.
most of your art lacks something that makes it pop out and grab some ones attention.
Don't do like some have and just use boobs and cleavage to get views and votes either.
Perhaps putting up some more dynamic poses or some better effects to get peoples attention.
Also try different styles, put up some non colored line art, or some sketches.
show people you are a well rounded artist, and not just a one trick pony.

keep posting your work in the art forum for more critiques!


2010-02-22 15:53:23

Bla bla bla, say anything you want, but I think your art is really great. The score you get isn't the real proper score, just some idiot wants to make you feel down. Unfortunately such things happen, especially if someone can't draw and wants to feel cool :/
Keep doing art, it's really good.
Hope more pleasant people will visit you soon and judge your art.
See ya!


2010-02-22 20:17:44

I have strange taste for your art. I like your use of colors and I like the way your characters look. That's why I scouted you. However, like Kinsei said, you should try and make something that really grabs people and is special. I don't know how exactly to tell you to do that, but imagination is the most important thing to work with when trying to grab people. Technical ability, which you do express to a good degree, is something that everybody should always be working hard to make better. And don't stoop to using solely sex appeal for attention. It would help you to make your linework a little more clean and to work on shading a tad more.
As for scoring, my submission for the CHOW had people voting "1's" and "0's" on it. I was watching the scores and doing little bits of math to tell how individual people were voting on it. I know my work isn't anything spectacularly impressive, but I have enough self esteem to tell you it isn't THAT bad. People in the portals (not just the art portal) have a strange sense of "awesome" or "fail". They don't see a midpoint. They either vote 5 or they vote 0, in many cases. I've seen this in reviews as well, but people don't have to back up scores, so the things that really matter are reviews. Don't let scores get you down and keep trying!
Sorry for the massive block of comment!


2010-02-22 21:03:12

Thanks guys, I appreciate the honesty.
I also had an epiphany on why my stuff kinda lacks... ker-pow-age. I need to employ texture and better shading! I'm dumb for not realizing this before.
I suppose I'll throw up some pencilwork as well, although I'm not too fond of mine.
For the CHOW32, I tried to set the composition up like a medieval picture of a saint, but I guess the problem with those is that they were boring, lol.