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Its the final countdown...

2010-02-27 22:47:57 by Dalenbourg

Alright, I just found out I have 27 hours until I have to submit my portfolio to my preffered college for animation.

If you believe in me, say a TTGL quote as a comment.
If you do not know what that means, just say this:


Its the final countdown...


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2010-02-27 22:55:41

I'm the Nerd, I'm awesome, and I will always be better than you. You can't deny my awesome. I could beat you at everything if I tried. I can even beat you at everything with out trying. I'm awesome. And because I'm awesome, I can do anything. Bow before me, pawn. I am you lord, master, king, ruler, and god. You shall listen to none but me, I control you, I'm the best. You are a minion, and nothing better.

Dalenbourg responds:

ur doin it wrong


2010-02-28 01:26:55

Don't believe in yourself; believe in me, who believes in you!

Dalenbourg responds:

Spin on!